Tailor-made assistance for your fleet: the complete Pagliani Service solution for your commercial vehicles.


Pagliani Service guarantees, assistance and safety, understood as an inseparable combination guaranteeing quality.

The strategic objective of Pagliani Service is to verify the possibility of achieving superior quality of vehicles through design and management that integrate the concepts and methods of assistance theory with those of safety, also thanks to the presence of highly specialized personnel. , such as to allow the means and services to be monitored at any time.


The transport system is a complex system not only due to the size of the vehicles, but also due to the number of technical components due to the variability of the context (climate, orography, intensity and mode of use, etc.); Given this complexity, Pagliani Service deems it essential to activate systematic knowledge, regulation and control processes based on the identification of all the technological, human and environmental components as well as the set of relationships between them.

Pagliani Service's objective is to strengthen the technological capabilities of management and maintenance systems, through the use of tools for the identification and assessment of risks and for the determination of intervention methods useful for an overall improvement in the quality of means of transport.


Pagliani Service adopts a widespread system, innovative solutions to meet the different needs of means of transport.

Pagliani Service is currently one of the reference companies that develops and markets a series of products and systems dedicated to the logistics and safety of vehicles and people on the move and carries out special projects that have as their object data transmission, monitoring and localization issues.

A team of professionals will offer advanced and comfortable solutions, in quality, safety and efficiency to guarantee Pagliani Service customers services that will satisfy their needs.

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We are committed daily to the safety of our collaborators and the solidity of the organizational structure, as well as to the protection of the environment.
The established quality of Pagliani Service's services is certified.

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Our company has been awarded and recently confirmed the maximum possible score of 3 STARS, "Legality Rating"; confirmation of the internal implementation and management procedures of Law 231.